Cannabis Marketing

3 Tips for Cannabis Marketing Strategies

Know your audience?  Not so far when it comes to Cannabis Marketing.  With legalization for personal usage and medicinal usage many retailers are turning to marketing agencies to help them market cannabis efficiently.  Here are a few tips to take with you:

  1. Don’t offend your audience.  Cannabis has been around since before all of us were born and many users are not your typical stoners.  Use “flower” instead of “bud” and “dose” instead of “hit” in your copy – remember, cannabis users are not morons.\
  2. Know the laws.  Like Alcohol and Tobacco, marketers should understand what they can say, where they can advertise and how they can collect data.  So, AdWords might not be your fist stop.
  3. Join the Community with Content.  Spread your Cannabis Marketing effort with unique quality content in forums, health sites and other water holes where audience gathers.

Remember, not all of us smoke weed but for those that do your weed marketing can be effective.