Blogger Outreach vs. Influencer Marketing, Who Will Win?

Here we are in 2016 and lots have changed in how search marketers publish off site content.  Wait, What?  What has changed?  Are marketers really that much different in how they approach this tactic?

PBN’s, Blog Networks, Advertorials and other link building practices have been getting hit with penalties for years.  This has made the practice of off-site SEO extremely challenging.  SEO’s are highly focused on AMP, href=lang, canonicals, schema and many other on-site optimizations.  While these are a must do, they are only 1/3 of the work to be done.

How Do You Get Links to Your Web Site?

Influencer Marketing has received all of the attention over the past two years.  But this is leading in to the next breed of smack down from Google.  Paying influencers to guest post on your behalf, without disclaimers, is ripe for the picking.

Several IM platforms offer the first step in Influencer Marketing, the identification of who to reach out to.  But SEO’s get lazy here and look to pay for the influencer to post.  As an SEO, you should be doing the outreach yourself to gain an organic relationship.