Reverence + Relevance: Evolving the Ultimate Brand – NATGEO

Jill Cress, CMO @NatGeo (National Geographic) presented at Conductors C3NY expo and expressed her enthusiasm for working as CMO on a personal level.  NatGeo is a media company at its core.  Relying on it’s trust and quality historically – reinvigorating this incredibly powerful brand.  The primary source for curiosity:

The Power of Storytelling

The brand went back to what motivated all explorers historically – it was always an ambition to keep pushing.  “Importance of pushing further in everything we do.” said Cress.

NatGeo reaches 730 million users per month. In fact, they are the number 1 non-celebrity channel in social media for social engagement.  Think about that…

The brand has been able to connect with 35% of millennials – HOW?

  • By conducting over 70 FB Live sessions per month. As well as the first ever 360 live
  • Drawing over 1 million users on most successful live sessions

Content and story-telling are so important for the brand.  And it proves that users want this inspirational content.  But, how do they keep up with the demand?

The recent water crisis and human ingenuity story with global programming. Premiere content such as gender revolution (built on 360 platform for transgender cover).  Always pushing boundaries.

Next up is the 10 episode series – GENIUS (Albert Einstein).  Welcome to NatGeo Jill Cress and continue with the fascinating stories.

Please share because without the fascinating work of professionals like Jill these stories would not be told.